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At 6:38 AM -0400 5/7/05, David C King  imposed structure on a stream of electrons, yielding:
<x-flowed>AOL doesn't accept mail from any IP block that belongs to cable
providers. They operate on the assumption that any IP number
belonging to a cable company's broadband block of IP's is suspect. So
if I run mail via SIMS to them, they reject my mail. If I run it to
them via, say, gmail.com, mail goes through.

That's simply not so. I know of multiple counter-examples of people with RoadRunner and Comcast business cable modem links without AOL delivery problems.
AOL *does* generally reject mail from dynamically assigned IP addresses, so if you have a dynamically assigned address or reverse DNS that makes it look like you do, AOL is likely to not accept your mail.

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