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On May 9, 2005, at 5:03 AM, Lane Roathe wrote:

Verizon is a whole different story. Their attitude is that they can't be
bothered by such petty matters. So, when I contact them because I can't
send email to any of my customers who use Verizon they say "we can't talk
to you because you are not the customer" and when the customer calls they
say "we can't talk to you because you aren't sending the emails".

Suggestion: get a Verizon account and be a customer -- that's why we still have an AOL account and an Earthlink Mindspring account (and Verizon :-)   If you're a customer (small expense) it helps your own customers.

I've seen this too now and then... they just don't want to talk to people who don't pay them... narrow minded, but if you can make your case to the right human it helps... in one case I crafted a special letter and asked a client to send to their little ISP in NJ...  I was ALMOST about to get an account with them ($120) to solve the situation had they not handled things...

Yes, it's frustrating, no doubt.


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