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De: Stefan Jeglinski <>
Sujet: Re: AOL and SIMS
Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 13:15:49 -0400
A: SIMS Discussions <>
 >>  >>AOL doesn't accept mail from any IP block that belongs to cable providers.

Seeing as AOL Hi-speed necessarily uses cable providers in certain
areas to provide the connection to their own customers, I don't see
how this could be true in general. They'd be not accepting mail from
their own customers.

 >>  Well I don't know what happens on Windows, but on Macintosh, AOL
assigns your computer an IP number from the AOL pool of IP numbers
 >>when you sign on, so your mail isn't actually isn't seen as coming
from the cable provider's IP number, but from an AOL IP number.

Really? If you have a cable connection, you already have an IP
address, before you sign on to AOL, no? Given today's "limited"
number of IP addresses, and the size of AOL and, for example, Time
Warner, I'm surprised that they would allow one to take 2 IP
addresses out of the block space (1 AOL, 1 TW), when one is all that
is needed.

Yes really. I have DSL service through with a static IP number (well several of them actually). They are sent to "virtual computers" by my router, so my G4 doesn't actually have a public IP number, but the Router has that number and forwards it to the local IP number for my machine.

Anyone that has a local router will of course have the IP address assigned to that router, regardless of anything else.

If you have a static IP, why was your discussion about "AOL assign[ing] your computer an IP number from the AOL pool of IP numbers when you sign on"? It's different. Also, DSL with a static address is not the same thing as cable with an address assigned by DHCP, so I'm not convinced we're on the same page. But I don't do AOL so I concede.

Regardless of these nuances, which are straying from the OP, my original assertion stands. We are on a cable IP block, and I have no evidence that AOL has ever blocked any e-mails from us. It's just not a true statement in general.

Stefan Jeglinski

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