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On Mon, 9 May 2005 12:12:25 -0500
 "Lane Roathe" <lane@roathe.com> wrote:
on Mon, May 9, 2005 "David M. Dantowitz" <david@dantowitz.com> may have said:

Suggestion: get a Verizon account and be a customer -- that's why we still have an AOL account and an Earthlink Mindspring account (and Verizon :-)   If you're a customer (small expense) it helps your own customers.

Hmmm... yea, good ideas. They do not offer internet service where I am
located (only one company is legally allowed to offer service in my subdivision for 10 years ... I guess they must have subsidized the infrastructure) but I should be able to become a customer somehow...

They probably signed a franchise agreement with little elm. However, I think if you push, and if another company has an agreement with the local telco for that CO, they can provide service to you. No one can restrict your from getting a dialup account, unless they don't have a pop number there.

A DSL account *maybe*. I know where I am, I can get dsl from speakeasy, verizon, SWBell, or covad.  A dialup account will still make you a customer and let you get into their customer support.



Lane Roathe

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