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Subject: Re: Help with verizon
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 13:49:31 -0500
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>>Run as fast as you can away from The Planet. They are the worst data
>>center I have ever used. Many of their IPs are in various permenant
>>block lists -
>They are certainly on mine.
>>Check out CIHost
>They are as well, and for good reason.

No matter what hosting service you use, you have a good chance of getting
an IP previously used by someone that got that IP black listed. The only
thing I could find as a solution was to find out the IP address in
advance and then check it on the major lists. So far I'm fairly happy
with The Planet's service and pricing, although I have jotted down to
check out CIHost and InfoMart, thanks for those mentions.

My IP #s at The Planet are fine, although I'm sure some people might
block the entire range they carry, but then as Bill stated they probably
block all major colocation providers as well, so...

Anymore, spammer sites are not my major problem, it's the frickin' end-
users who allow their machines to become infected. With a 90% catch rate
on my server I am still getting over 500 spam emails per day!

Anyway, back on track :)

Verizon might be able to give me a dialup account w/o phone service...
I'll look into that, thanks for the idea.

Lane Roathe
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