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De: Christopher Bort <>
Sujet: Re: SIMS on Multiple Port
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 09:35:51 -0700
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On 06/10/05 at 06:14, Neil Herber wrote:

> At 2005-06-09  11:28 AM -0500, Andrew Schmiechen is rumored to have said:
> >The local cable service has recently decided to start blocking
> >outgoing port 25 connections to anything other than their mail
> >servers.  Is there a way to configure SIMS to listen on multiple
> >ports so I can have my remote users continue to send through our
> >server?
> If the ISP is only blocking port 25 outbound, then there is no
> problem - SIMS is listening on port 25 inbound. So your remote users
> will be able to send to SIMS. For SIMS to then get mail out, it needs
> to use your ISPs mail server as a relay. Set the SMTP control panel
> to allow sending "via Foreign Mail Server".

I think Andrew's problem is the other way round. I read his question to say
that his users are using a cable service provider that blocks port 25
connections to anything but its own servers, so they can't connect to his
server on port 25. I have a similar situation, where my mail servers (both
work and personal) are on my employer's DS1 and my home DSL provider blocks
port 25 outbound. Fortunately, I've graduated from SIMS to servers that can
listen on multiple ports (CommuniGate Pro and Exim), so I can send to them
on ports that are not blocked by my ISP without having to jump through the
port redirection hoops that have been suggested in this thread.

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