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????: why no envelope headers in e-mail?
????: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 13:02:01 -0400
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Not sure the question is phrased correctly, but I have wondered about this for a while.

When an MTA makes a connection, it sends an e-mail via an envelope address, no? There is no necessary correlation between this envelope address and the recipient's To address. IOW, joe@foo.bar can end up with an e-mail in his inbox that appears to have been sent "To" sam@foo.bar, even if sam doesn't exist. This is an endless source of confusion to recipients that don't know how things work. And obviously I don't quite know how it works either.

Do all MTAs necessarily transmit the envelope address for display? The only way SIMS can deliver is when it gets a legit envelope address, no? In Eudora, there is a header called x-envelope I can turn on, but no envelope header appears in received e-mail that I can tell.

What really determines how an end-user can see the envelope address, if ever at all?

Stefan Jeglinski
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