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Subject: Re: SIMS on osx?
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 01:18:13 -0500
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At 6:17 AM -0700 6/20/05, Brian Findlay wrote:
Is there an OSX versionn of SIMS, or something comparable?  I am thinking it is time to upgrade from OS 8.6 running on a powermac 6116!


Though some have run SIMS in classic mode, in my experience it had too many freeze/crash/deafness problems to use it that way in production.

Communigate Pro is the commercial version from Stalker.  It's available for X.

Surgemail is another commercial offering which is solid.

Postfix is built in to OS 10.3.x and 10.4.x.

There are a variety of freeware, shareware, and open source projects available as well.  Each has its pluses and minuses.

One long time denizen of this list suggests this Exim, Courier IMAP, and ClamAV package (requires MySQL db as well):

(Chris, are you using SquirrelMail for webmail?)

I'm currently looking into migrating to XMail (<> see also <> for install instructions), as suggested by another ex-SIMS user. It appears to have similar structure to SIMS. Its webmail sidekick requires MySQL as well.

Whatever way you go, I've found that ASSP does a great job as an anti-spam proxy. (or see the install instructions at Max Lyth's site above).

Bill Christensen

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