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On 06/21/05 at 23:18, billc_lists@greenbuilder.com wrote:

> One long time denizen of this list suggests this Exim, Courier IMAP,
> and ClamAV package (requires MySQL db as well):
>   http://maxo.captainnet.net/installs/mailserver/index.html
> (Chris, are you using SquirrelMail for webmail?)

I use SqWebMail because (a) George at captainnet.net has an installer for
it and (2) my exim server only has two users (my wife and myself) and our
webmail requirements are very light to non-existent. Since George's ECM
package uses Courier IMAP, one can easily use SquirrelMail with it as well
(SqWebMail and SquirrelMail are both essentially just IMAP clients with web
UIs). ECM is, in fact, set up to be used with OS X Server's default install
of SquirrelMail. At some point, I may install SquirrelMail just for
learning (my ECM install is on a regular, non-Server, OS X system).

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