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Hello Brian,

On Mon, 20 Jun 2005 06:17:57 -0700
 Brian Findlay <bfindlay@solutions-consulting.net> wrote:
Is there an OSX versionn of SIMS, or something comparable?  I am thinking it is time to upgrade from OS 8.6 running on a powermac 6116!

Late reply, but hope it helps. I moved from SIMS as a primary mail server to CommuniGatePro some time ago. Due to the price increases and the timebomb Stalker put in CGPro, I have moved most of my domains over to a SurgeMail server.

As Bill (and others) have mentioned, there are many options out there. I decided on a commercial app in part due to features, and in part due to having a support channel to go to for any issues.

Depending on your needs, the SurgePlus add-on to SurgeMail (it is an add-on now, but they have announced that it will be included in the base package with the next upgrade - expect a $100.00 increase in proce, which is still a great savings over the current seperate prices).

I will be using SM/SP for email/file sharing/homepage type accounts for users of one of my community based websites. These features may or may not be of benefit to you.

Good luck!

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