Liste de diffusion Message #15056
De: Tod Fitch <>
Sujet: Re: SIMS mailing list addresses scraped?
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 05:19:01 -0700
A: SIMS Discussions <>
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.622)
On Jul 18, 2005, at 12:01 AM, Alexandre Lollini wrote:

on 7/07/05 18:24, Tod Fitch <> wrote:

On the other hand, my spam level took a dive a couple of days ago when
I pulled the plug on the trusty old PM7200 running OS 8.6 and SIMS. I
haven't yet got everything set the way I want, but Postfix (on the new
Mac Mini) has a lot more options for rejecting mail. Too bad it is not
as easy to setup and administer as SIMS was.

About Postfix can you post a list of web addresses that gives good "how-to"

Not really. Just little bits here and there that I found to be of little use.

And rather than figure out what steps were needed to get Postfix going on Tiger I used "Postfix Enabler". I found a number of the fields in Postfix Enabler's dialog boxes to be confusing, so I ended up buying the O Reilly book "Postfix the Definitive Guide" and used a text editor to modify and add to the configuration file created by Postfix Enabler. A few things in the book did not work directly (I assume differing versions of Postfix) but at least it gave me a starting point.


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