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On 07/28/05 at 14:27, Charles Mangin wrote:

> yeah. educating clients isn't the easiest part of my job.

It's not the easiest part of any admin's job.  8^\

> does anyone know of an application that i can use to selectively  
> download and delete messages from the server without having to get  
> everything in the client's mailbox? it looks like an app called  
> popmonitor might do what i need, but it apparently doesn't work with  
> OS X 10.4 yet. also, i wonder if anyone on this list uses it to check/
> manage accounts on SIMS.

Try Mail Siphon (I don't know if it works w/ Tiger); it should be available
on Version Tracker. I use Mailsmith's POP Monitor feature for this purpose,
but it's a commercial app that you probably wouldn't want to purchase just
to use the POP Monitor.

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