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From: Lewis Butler <>
Subject: Re: Major OOPS in SIMS...:-(
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 11:08:45 -0600
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On 04 Sep 2005, at 06:18 , Warren Michelsen wrote:

At 7:08 PM -0600 9/2/05, Lewis Butler sent email containing:

On 23 Aug 2005, at 11:51 , Warren Michelsen wrote:

But SIMS requires a postmaster account

This is because the RFCs require postmaster for all domains that receive mail.

But the RFC does not require that there be a 'postmaster' account.

Yes, they do.  postmaster@<doamin.tld> must exist (that is, accept mail) for all domains that receive or send mail

In my case, I routed mail for 'postmaster' to another account -- it would be received. SIMS nonetheless recreated the missing postmaster account.

the sims app can't know about your routing table,a nd if you change your routing table, there has to be a postmaster account to receive the mail.

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