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From: Christopher Bort <>
Subject: Re: Major OOPS in SIMS...:-(
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 13:08:31 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
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On 09/05/05 at 10:47, Warren Michelsen wrote:

> At 11:08 AM -0600 9/5/05, Lewis Butler sent email containing:
> >On 04 Sep 2005, at 06:18 , Warren Michelsen wrote:
> >
> >>But the RFC does not require that there be a 'postmaster' account.
> >
> >Yes, they do.
> No, they don't.

Warren is correct. The requirement is only that mail addressed to
<postmaster@domain> be accepted (and presumably delivered to _some_
account). There's no requirement that there be an actual postmaster
account; <postmaster> mail can be delivered to any account.

> >>In my case, I routed mail for 'postmaster' to another account -- it
> >>would be received. SIMS nonetheless recreated the missing
> >>postmaster account.
> >
> >the sims app can't know about your routing table,
> That's a silly statement. SIMS does 'know about' my routing table. It
> creates and maintains the routing table. And consults it for each
> incoming and outgoing email.

Sure, SIMS 'knows' about its routing table in the sense that it can parse
it and evaluate addresses with it. However, SIMS does not specifically keep
track of whether or not <postmaster> routes to a deliverable
address|account. IOW, SIMS does not 'know' from the routing table if it is
in compliance with the RFC requirement to accept mail for <postmaster>. It
probably could if it were programmed to do so. But, at this point, it
almost certainly never will since SIMS development has long since ceased.

> >and if you change your routing table, there has to be a postmaster
> >account to receive the mail.
> No, postmaster can be routed to any account. It certainly does not
> have to be called 'postmaster'.

Right, but as noted above, SIMS does not specifically keep track whether or
not there is routing for <postmaster>.

> I appreciate that SIMS is careful to ensure that mail can be received
> for 'postmaster' but an account named postmaster is not required to
> do so. End of discussion.

Not the end. Given that SIMS doesn't check whether or not <postmaster>
routes to a deliverable address|account, the simplest way for it to ensure
RFC compliance is to make sure that an account named 'postmaster' exists.
You can certainly choose to disable admin access for 'postmaster' and to
route <postmaster> to another account, but SIMS will insist that you have a
'postmaster' account.

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