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De: Christopher Bort <>
Sujet: Re: A bit off-topic : postfix
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 10:24:34 -0700
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On 09/12/05 at 06:34, Alexandre Lollini wrote:

> Right now i use SIMS on a macos 9 old mac, it is perfect.
> I am planning to put all my applications on a brand new g5
> Including email service.
> Along with postgresql, apache, php.
> (posgres is 5x faster -insert- on a g5 same mhz as an amd 32bits dontknow
> why?)
> So why not using the included postfix of 10.4 Tiger ?

Why not, indeed? SIMS is essentially a dead product in terms of
development, while postfix continues to be actively developed and has a
large user community that you can turn to for support. The same can be said
for other alternatives (exim, sendmail, etc.). Keep in mind that postfix is
an smtp server only. OS X Server includes a pop3/imap server (Cyrus),
webmail (Squirrelmail), spam filter (spamassassin), virus scanner (clamav)
and list server (mailman). But if you're running non-Server OS X, these
things are not included and you'll need to add at least a pop3/imap server.
You might also want to take the opportunity to investigate other options
besides postfix, especially if you're going to have to install and
configure some stuff (pop3/imap, etc.) yourself anyway. Since you'll be
running postgresql, you'll want to pay attention to solutions that can use
postgres for user databases, etc.

> So, how do I set up in postfix the RBLs and spamtraps ?

Um. Read the postfix docs? Also, there's a typically good O'Reilly book on
postfix, and there are mailing lists devoted to postfix if you still have
questions. You'll find that not all of SIMS' features translate one-to-one
with postfix features, but with appropriate configuration you can achieve
similar functionality for most things.

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