Liste de diffusion Message #15115
De: Stefan Jeglinski <>
Sujet: poppassd & Eudora
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 19:34:02 -0400
A: SIMS Discussions <>
I see that I have been spoiled by Eudora and a server that supports the poppassd protocol allowing a user to change their passwords via their client?

I just assumed that all e-mail clients could do this since Eudora could, and SIMS can. I since found that a) the protocol was basically invented at Qualcomm, and that b) few (none?) other pop clients support it.

I guess that ISPs generally have web-based tools (aka scripts) that interface to their mail servers so that users can log-on and change to a desired password?

My problem actually involves an EIMS server on OS9. The only way a user's password can be changed is a) I do it and therefore know the password or b) the user does it with Eudora.

I am slowly planning my move from SIMS to a *nix mailserver. How is something like this supported in postfix, for example? Are there mailservers that do this without poppassd or have particularly elegant tools for users to change their own passwords?

Stefan Jeglinski

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