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X-Mailer: Claris Emailer 2.0v3, January 22, 1998
>I just assumed that all e-mail clients could do this since Eudora
>could, and SIMS can. I since found that a) the protocol was basically
>invented at Qualcomm, and that b) few (none?) other pop clients
>support it.

I know Claris Emailer supports it, and I thought Outlook Express did as
well. And if you have users that don't have a supporting email client,
you can use an application I wrote eons ago
<http://www.mythtech.net/pwd.html> It is the first one on that page,
PWDer. It is available for Mac or Windows. You can safely ignore the $5
registration fee, it is more of a "donation" than a fee (nothing changes
in the application), and to date, I've had exactly one person bother
sending me money for it.

I actually wrote it originally for someone on this list, but that was a
long time ago and I no longer remember who.

>I am slowly planning my move from SIMS to a *nix mailserver. How is
>something like this supported in postfix, for example? Are there
>mailservers that do this without poppassd or have particularly
>elegant tools for users to change their own passwords?

Check out John Norstad's code for this
<http://staff.at.northwestern.edu/jln/ftp/poppassd/poppassd.c.txt>. Looks
like it is just a poppass deamon that runs on the mail server. It assumes
the password files are accessable via the standard *nix passwd command
and the connection will occur over port 106 using the poppass protocol.

It is in C source code form, so you will have to compile it on your
postfix machine to use it.


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