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De: Stefan Jeglinski <>
Sujet: Re: poppassd & Eudora
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 10:31:19 -0400
A: SIMS Discussions <>
you can use an application I wrote eons ago
<> It is the first one on that page,
PWDer. It is available for Mac or Windows. You can safely ignore the $5
registration fee, it is more of a "donation" than a fee (nothing changes
in the application), and to date, I've had exactly one person bother
sending me money for it.

Thanks. There could be 40-50 users faced with this issue, I've discovered. I'd hate for you to not get that money. OTOH, I doubt the cheapskates would be willing to use a solution that cost them even a fiver. They might scream knowing that I would be the one setting all the passwords, but cost them money and suddenly it's OK :-)

I actually wrote it originally for someone on this list, but that was a
long time ago and I no longer remember who.

Thanks. But does your PWDer and the cgi version depend on the mail server supporting the poppass protocol?

 >I am slowly planning my move from SIMS to a *nix mailserver. How is
something like this supported in postfix, for example? Are there
mailservers that do this without poppassd or have particularly
elegant tools for users to change their own passwords?

Check out John Norstad's code for this
<>. Looks
like it is just a poppass deamon that runs on the mail server. It assumes
the password files are accessable via the standard *nix passwd command
and the connection will occur over port 106 using the poppass protocol.

I'm missing something fundamental on this one. It's basically a front-end to /bin/passwd, which is used to change the passwords on, for lack of a better description, shell accts on a *nix box. A mail server's accounts need not have, and often do not have, a connection to "regular" user accounts, so I don't see exactly how this would apply.

Or am I missing something fundamental about postfix? When one creates a postfix mail account, and assigns it a password, is that info kept in the same file (/etc/passwd or the equivalent) as the regular shell accounts?

Stefan Jeglinski
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