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>Thanks. There could be 40-50 users faced with this issue, I've
>discovered. I'd hate for you to not get that money. OTOH, I doubt the
>cheapskates would be willing to use a solution that cost them even a
>fiver. They might scream knowing that I would be the one setting all
>the passwords, but cost them money and suddenly it's OK :-)

Seriously, don't worry about the $5. I know there are actually hundreds
of people that have downloaded the app. I wrote the thing while eating
lunch one day, so it isn't like it took me any real effort. If a user
pays, they pay, if not, whatever, leave it up to the guilt (or lack there
of) of the individual users.

>Thanks. But does your PWDer and the cgi version depend on the mail
>server supporting the poppass protocol?

Yes, the mail server needs to already support it. All it does is make a
web interface to the mail server's existing poppass support.

>I'm missing something fundamental on this one. It's basically a
>front-end to /bin/passwd, which is used to change the passwords on,
>for lack of a better description, shell accts on a *nix box. A mail
>server's accounts need not have, and often do not have, a connection
>to "regular" user accounts, so I don't see exactly how this would

You understand correctly. If you are not creating actual user accounts on
the server, then I don't know if this will work for you or not.

>Or am I missing something fundamental about postfix? When one creates
>a postfix mail account, and assigns it a password, is that info kept
>in the same file (/etc/passwd or the equivalent) as the regular shell

I've not yet taken the leap to postfix myself, so I'm not 100% sure. I
was under the impression that it COULD use regular system accounts, and
thus the passwd tool would work. However, I'm also under the impression
that it does not *HAVE* to use system accounts, and instead can use local
postfix only mailbox accounts. In that case, I do not know how it deals
with the password, and if the passwd tool would work or not.

I'd think, even if it isn't using a system account (and thus passwd
doesn't work), that there has to still be some method of changing a
password. You could likely modify the source code off that poppass deamon
to work with whatever method postfix does use.


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