Liste de diffusion Message #15128
De: Alan Saul <>
Sujet: POP blocked
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 06:18:58 -0700
A: <>
My POP server stopped working at midnight. My client (Eudora) can't connect to it, and the monitor window occasionally shows "System Error -39". The log reads, for example:

01:22:26 4 POP(tcp) Connection accepted from [], seq=100, 9/10
01:22:26 4 POP-066([]) Sending +OK Stalker POP3 Server 1.8b8 at ready <>\r\n
01:22:26 3 POP-066([]) Send failed: aborted
01:22:26 5 POP-066([]) *Status=5
01:22:26 3 POP-066([]) Reading Failed. Error Code=-25010. Read:
01:22:26 5 POP-066([]) *Status=3
01:22:26 5 POP-066([]) *Status=2
01:22:26 4 POP disposing line 66
01:22:26 5 POP-066([]) Stream Disposed

Any suggestions for finding out what's going on?

The SMTP server works ok. Messages seem to be routed fine to another address outside of this domain. But no connections are made to the POP server.

I seem to have disk space and memory available, and I restarted the machine (8100 upgraded to a G3, running 8.6).

Alan Saul
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