Mailing List Message #15135
From: Warren Michelsen <>
Subject: Re: POP blocked
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 17:06:32 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
At 7:27 PM -0400 9/21/05, Bill Cole sent email containing:
>At 7:04 AM -0700 9/21/05, Warren Michelsen  imposed structure on a stream of electrons, yielding:
>>At 6:18 AM -0700 9/21/05, Alan Saul sent email containing:
>>>My POP server stopped working at midnight. My client (Eudora) can't
>>>connect to it, and the monitor window occasionally shows "System
>>>Error -39". The log reads, for example:
>>The mailbox file is corrupted. A -39 error is an end-of-file error,
>>that is, the file system read operation reached the end of the file
>>prematurely. There should be more file there but there isn't.
>I don't want this to sound harsh, but I think that's all wrong.

I stand corrected! I went back and looked through some of my old logs and I do indeed see -39 errors.

>Note that a TCP connection is usually treated as a flavor of 'file' (i.e. a sequential stream of bytes) so when it ends unexpectedly, a -39 'unexpected end of file' error code is appropriate.
>SIMS tried to send the greeting message to the just-opened connection, but failed.
>-25010 is SIMS-ese for "dropped connection"
>This looks like either a client problem or a badly hosed TCP/IP stack on the server. If it is happening from more than one client machine, I think a reboot of the server is in order.

Thanks, Bill. One's never too old to learn.
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