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Sujet: Re: Problems with Attachments
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 23:28:54 -0500
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I've almost always done files, and they don't necessarily clear out either.  I don't know any particular advantage/disadvantage of either method.

I've used folders for specific list accounts I host in order to run StripMime on 'em to remove attachments. (And, previous to installing ASSP for anti-spam, for running TOLD).

Obviously, the folder version would be necessary for running a script.

At 4:45 PM -0500 9/29/05, David Thornton wrote:
Is there any benefit to having SIMS store the users' mail in a folder vs. a
mailbox (or both)? I guess I've never tried the other way before; I've
tested a couple of things this afternoon and it looks like mail is properly
deleted from the server when stored in a mailbox file.

I like the script idea, but I may need to do it by hand to start with. I
think a script would need to follow the Finder's actions, and would likely
time out with the large numbers of files in these folders. Just opening some
of the folders with lots of files in them takes several minutes. Selecting
and trashing the files takes several more minutes per folder. The script
would be a good way to keep things clean once they are cleared out.

Bill Christensen

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