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On Sep 29, 2005, at 4:45 PM, David Thornton wrote:

Is there any benefit to having SIMS store the users' mail in a folder vs. a
mailbox (or both)? I guess I've never tried the other way before; I've
tested a couple of things this afternoon and it looks like mail is properly
deleted from the server when stored in a mailbox file.

Yes, that's what I found when I experimented with this years ago.  As a result I used to use SIMS like this: On a couple of key accounts I would store mail both in a folder and a mailbox... with the mail in a folder being used essentially as a backup.  Mail would pile up in that folder and never be deleted regardless of settings on the client.  In a rare situation where a message was downloaded and deleted from a mailbox by the client; only to have the client crash immediately and lose the message; I could then go into the folder and retrieve it.  Botttom line is that mail in the mailbox would be retrieved and then deleted according to settings on the client.  Mail in a folder will continue to pile up regardless of client settings.   It would have to be manually deleted some from time to time at the server to hold the size of the folder down.  It's been years since I've dealt with mail in folders at all so my memory may be a bit foggy, but this is how I seem to recall that it worked.

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