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????: converting to Postfix; confused about users
????: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 18:59:34 -0400
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I'm learning Postfix on an OSX box. I haven't gotten anywhere near propagating my SIMS users over and going online yet.

I'm confused about users in a massively newbie way:

I've successfully tested Postfix receiving from and sending to a user on the OSX box if that user has a regular account, home folder and all, etc. But do I have to create a full user acct, home directory and all, for *every* user, to be able to receive and store mail for that user? All mail is stored in /var/mail/username, not anywhere in the user's home folder, AFAICT.

If I use NetInfo Manager to create a user without a home folder, that username shows up as a presumably accessible Postfix mailbox, but I would have to add quite a bit more info to make it a useable acct (passwd etc).

I'm much more familiar with Linux, normally I would user adduser without a home directory, but there is no adduser/useradd on Darwin that I can tell.

This is not OSX Server software, but I -should- be able to do this without its admin tools.

Just need a little nudge in this direction - what am I missing?

Stefan Jeglinski
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