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????: Re: SIMS 1.7 CommuniGate 3.2.1 - can't check mail from outside LAN
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On 11/04/05 at 14:46, Michael Croft wrote:

> First: Upgrade from 1.7 to 1.8b9d14.  It closes important holes that are
> known to be exploitable and while it is a development version, it's been
> rock solid for many of us.

And for many years. It is essentially the last version of SIMS that will
ever be, since development of SIMS pretty much EOLed not too long after Mac
OS X was released into the wild. IIRC, someone from Stalker (Dmitry?) at
one time said that the only thing that was holding 1.8b9d14 from becoming
1.8 was some unfinished documentation that never got finished. But that was
quite a while ago, so my memory may not be entirely accurate.

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