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From: Christopher Bort <>
Subject: Re: Opps . . IPNetRouter + SIMS
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 09:51:54 -0800
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On 11/29/05 at 06:33, Jason Shewchuk wrote:

> I've had my SIMS server up and running for many years however now due to
> different ISP in Alberta deciding for 'security' reasons they need to
> block port 25.  This means that most of the people who have an email
> address with SIMS on my server cannot check it on the road as SMTP is
> blocked.

FWIW, this is something that more and more ISPs are doing.

> I am trying to use my old copy of IPNetRouter to forward port 587 to
> 25 (as per suggestions on the list).  I haven't used this program in
> years and in the past I didn't have a physical router doing most of
> the routing.
> My setup is right now I get two IP address coming into an Asante FR1104-G
> router.  This router points on IP address to itself and the other to my
> server.  This has always worked.  This router after all the reading I've
> been doing does not have the ability to map outside port numbers to
> different inside port numbers.  My solution I thought was IPNetRouter.

Better to replace your router with one that can do proper port mapping so
that you can map both incoming ports 25 and 587 to port 25 on your SIMS
machine. Most cheap (i.e. $50 more or less) consumer routers that I've seen
can do this. You'll have far fewer headaches with a dedicated device that's
made specifically for the task than with running a software router on a
general purpose computer that may also be doing other things (like running
mail service, etc.).

> With IPNetRouter it up on the server to masquarade to itself then made an
> mapping entry to have port 587 sent to 25.  It worked . . . kind of.  I
> now was able to send mail to SIMS via port 587 however that was it.  
> Anything sent to 25 no longer worked.  Since I did this change I have
> only had on spammer send me anything otherwise the server didn't do much
> this weekend.  I've now turned off IPNetRouter and things are back to
> normal.

Right, you still need to be able to accept port 25 traffic so that other
MTAs can send you mail.

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