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????: DNS failure question
????: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 10:13:34 -0500
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Hello remaining lurkers,

This is not about SIMS, but it does involve CGP, so perhaps it is of peripheral ontopicness. Nonetheless, the question involves a mail connection rejection due to "DNS failure."

The connection is to afterhoursconsulting.org, whose mail is handled by mail.rduonline.com, which is running CGP 4.0.6. I picked up on some forum the possibility that this is a bug in 4.0.6, but I wouldn't know.

As a sanity test, I can telnet connect to mail.rduonline.com as my mail server (HELO mx.4pi.com). However, when I telnet connect to same as the problem mail server (HELO mail.tmug.org), I get a DNS server failure immediately. This is initially a 250, but ultimately becomes a 472. Although I understand this to be a temp failure, it is really a permanent failure.

So, I look to how I have DNS set up for both mail servers. mx.4pi.com has a unique A record, MX record, and PTR. Likewise for mail.tmug.org; however, I see 2 PTR records, one for mail.tmug.org, and one for tmug.org. Not sure how that happened, I need to talk to my DNS admin about that.

Questions: is this minor difference what is causing the DNS Server failure with CGP? If so, should I change the DNS, or is this indeed a CGP bug?

Stefan Jeglinski
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