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Sujet: Re: Reasonable Connection Timeout
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 17:57:19 -0700
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On 30 Mar 2006, at 16:15 , Warren Michelsen wrote:
I'm having a problem with one company, a cable Internet provider, connecting to my mail server. They say it cannot be contacted, that connection attempts by their server to mine time out.

How quickly should a server time out while waiting for a response from my server? What's a reasonable amount of time? Should a server give up if there's no response within the first 10 seconds?

No, 10 seconds is absurd.  A reasonable time is 30-90 seconds.  And I think 30 is a bit short.

As I recall, the "standard" recommends 300 seconds (5 minutes); I think that might be a bit long anymore.

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