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????: Re: Use Verizon Solely for Send?
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>Right, but if Verizon is submitting it's dynamic IP blocks to dial-up  
>RBLs then many mail servers will refuse to talk with your server. For  
>ease of use headaches I would just click the 'Use external mail  
>server for outgoing mail' button (whatever the words are, I don't  
>remember exactly). And put Verizon's outbound mail server address in  

I just checked both of my offices that have Verizon DSL service. One is
in NJ and on dynamic, it is only listed only in the SORBS-DUHL list. The
other office is in FL, also on Verizon Dynamic and it isn't listed in any
RBL. However, it is also a legacy GTE connection and the rDNS still
claims to be GTE, so that may impact if it is listed or not. Once my
transition in that office is complete to the new Verizon Dynamic service
(we are having problems with the old one, and it was easier to order new
service at a higher speed and half the price, then it was to fix the old
service), I can recheck the new IP and see if it is also listed in
SORBS-DUHL (I'm going to guess that it will be if the new service carries
a verizon rDNS. If it still claims to be GTE, then maybe it also won't be

So at least for business class service, it looks like you are mostly in
the clear. It will all depend on how many other servers are using the


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