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On May 9, 2006, at 4:17 PM, chris wrote:

So you are really only looking at 2 servers behind the router. Verizon
ships a router with their DSL these days, and that router allows for port
forwarding (and if you are going to do port forwarding, you probably want
to set static IPs on the internal machines... although I believe the
current model router Verizon ships will support port forwarding to
dynamic IPs).

However, that will only let you forward all traffic for a particular port
to one inside IP. This is fine if your two servers are a web server and a
mail server and you have no overlapping port usage. But if the two
servers will overlap with their port usage, then the Verizon router won't
help you. You can install a more intelligent router, or you can rethink
your setup (such as do you need two different web servers or can you just
combine both domains onto a single server and let the web server software
deal with directing the domain to the correct directory on the server...
Apache does this nicely).

You can do the same with your SIMS setup. One server handling multiple
domains. That would let you avoid having overlapping port usage, which
means you could do simple port forwarding at the router that Verizon

I've got two servers, each for a separate domain, and each running both SIMS and a simple webserver. Since I had extra static IP addresses, it was easy to put in two old OS9 boxes, one for each domain, give them each a separate static IP address, and go to town.

Do you have a link to documentation for setting up SIMS for "one server handling multiple domains"? That might be the answer to my problem.


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