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De: Christopher Bort <>
Sujet: Re: Use Verizon Solely for Send?
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 09:48:36 -0700
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On 05/10/06 at 05:05, Peter Jones wrote:

> On May 9, 2006, at 4:17 PM, chris wrote:
> >
> > You can do the same with your SIMS setup. One server handling multiple
> > domains. That would let you avoid having overlapping port usage, which
> > means you could do simple port forwarding at the router that Verizon
> > supplies.
> I've got two servers, each for a separate domain, and each running  
> both SIMS and a simple webserver. Since I had extra static IP  
> addresses, it was easy to put in two old OS9 boxes, one for each  
> domain, give them each a separate static IP address, and go to town.
> Do you have a link to documentation for setting up SIMS for "one  
> server handling multiple domains"? That might be the answer to my  
> problem.

I hosted mail for multiple domains (at least a dozen, probably more) with
SIMS for several years with no problems. In fact, the ability to easily
handle multiple domains was one of the reasons why I chose SIMS to begin
with. You just need to add appropriate lines to your SIMS router to have
mail delivered to the proper local accounts. Look in the Router section of
the SIMS manual for how to set it up.

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