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Thanks for the reply.

On May 24, 2006, at 4:38 PM, chris wrote:

1.  I want to totally reject any mail that is not addressed to an
account on sims - how do i do that?

As long as you don't have an account called "Unknown", this should happen

I don't have an unknown account.  I do have a postmaster account.

Also, if you have something in your router along the lines of
*@domain.com = local.account, then any address for domain.com will be
accepted and routed to the local.account specified.
I do have this routing entry <*@domain.com> = do1-* and domain.com = mail.domain.com.  I have about a half dozen domains that i accept mail for.
I am getting a queue full of things addressed to bogus usernames AND domains that i don't service.  I want sims to reject those and not even receive them even though they are sitting in the queue and will eventually be deleted.
I don't have any entries in the router to delete anything.  Do i need some of those?

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