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At 4:01 PM -0400 5/24/06, lcs@spellnetwork.com wrote:
I tried to look up my answers but the pages are gone so I will ask here.

1.  I want to totally reject any mail that is not addressed to an account on sims - how do i do that?

2.  I am getting a lot of NULL emails in my queue.  I think you can put a line in the router to delete these.  Is there a way to reject or is it easier to put a command in the router to delete.  What would that command be?

Thanks for any help.  It appears that SIMS has just about be abandoned.  I hope someone is here to help

There are a couple of us still hanging around...

The nulls are simply the result of your server trying to answer all the spam, and not finding anywhere to reply to.  They're not really hurting anything and will go away on their own after whatever time you've configured it to keep rejected mails (usually 3 days).

Hopefully you're using the latest beta version (1.8b9d14) as it has the most complete set of anti-spam tools of any SIMS.   It includes some protections against dictionary attacks, which is probably at least some of what you're seeing.

I'm pretty much only using sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org for blacklisting these days, as I have ASSP sitting in front of SIMS and it catches a large portion of the junk. (sourceforge.net/assp/).

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