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Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 00:55:19 -0500
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At 5:46 PM -0400 5/24/06, chris wrote:
 >I'm pretty much only using for blacklisting
these days, as I have ASSP sitting in front of SIMS and it catches a
large portion of the junk. (

What does your setup for this look like?

I assume you aren't running assp on the same box as SIMS, or are you?
(running SIMS on OS X maybe?)

Actually, I'm still somewhat in transition.  My original intention was to put SIMS on X and run ASSP in front of it on the same box, but there were a number of problems with that - the most important of which being that SIMS didn't do well on X.  So I have ASSP receiving mail on the front lines, and passing it to SIMS on a separate box. Clients pick up their mail from SIMS and send out through ASSP in order to take advantage of the whitelisting and to add to the non-spam corpus.


internet => ASSP => SIMS => client


client => ASSP => SIMS => internet

I've also transitioned some of my domains to use an ASSP/XMail combo on a single box.   There are some things I prefer about this setup, in other ways I prefer SIMS' abilities.  I'm currently contemplating a purchase of a small license of Communigate as a) I have a good feel for how to use it, having used SIMS for many years and b) I feel I can trust it as a solid product with a well written mac based webmail server, something I've been unable to find in the open source world. I've tried a number of dogs, both paid versions and open source, and haven't yet found one that's really servicable.  I say this without yet having gotten to that part of the trial version of Communigate I'm currently dabbling with.

SIMS works (and works well), so why replace it. My only
complaint is not being able to do better mail filtering to get rid of
spam. ASSP may solve that for me.

Exactly.  ASSP made a HUGE dent in our spam load.  SIMS was struggling to keep up with all the tricks spammers were coming up with. RBLs kept falling by the wayside or getting DDOS attacked.  It was beginning to take too much work to keep up with the onslaught. Since ASSP does content filtering based on a corpus of spam/not spam built up by your own clients, it's very accurate.  It's under active development, too.

What kind of a machine are you running ASSP on?

I've got one on a Beige G3 with a 450 or 500 mhz processor. That's the one in front of the SIMS, also on a similar beige.

The ASSP/Xmail version is on a B&W 800 mhz.  Both run a bunch of small domains - typically one to 20 email addresses.

I recently retired a
NetBSD machine (quadra 610 running Mac68k/NetBSD) that had been my
primary web server until last weekend. Would that be up to the task or
will I be better suited throwing something else in there. Maybe an old P2
running NetBSD or Linux, or an old iMac running OS X...

Depends upon your load.
I had to retire
the netbsd machine as it was too slow to run complex PERL scripts
efficiently for web pages... it looks like ASSP is Perl based so I'd
question if it would be able to handle it.

The most recent version, 1.2.1, appears to be bogging down in the Perl department. I finally got around to upgrading from 1.1.0 last weekend, and ended up downgrading this morning on the more heavily trafficed/slower processor server as it was not able to keep up well enough.  I'll probably have to upgrade the server to use it, but I can say that it caught another 10% or so of the spam in the few days I had it up.

Would it be possible to run ASSP on OS X with
SIMS on the same machine?

I didn't have good luck with that. If you keep SIMS, it should be on a separate machine IMHO

That way I could use the OS X machine I had
been planning on using for Postfix. Or am I better suited to putting
these on two different machines (same machine I'd think would involve
hacking SIMS to listen on something other than port 25, which I seem to
recall there are directions for that floating around).

Yeah,  He's got some good instructions on both ASSP and Xmail.  Don't expect to use UMPL for a regular webmail server though - it sucks for that.  But it's handy for account management.

Also, I'd guess if you are running on two different machines, that your
SIMS machine is behind a firewall.

Should be, but isn't as I need it to be available for client access from outside my local net.  We get some spam trickling in around the cracks but it's not too bad. I could probably put it behind a firewall, but haven't really needed to do so yet.

Is your ASSP machine as well?

Nope.  It's out there for all the world to hit.

(currently, my SIMS machine is not, but then I've never been too worried
about letting a 68k mac running a stripped down version of Mac OS 8 sit
directly on the internet... I'd be a little more worried about sticking a
*nix box out there, although I had my Mac68k NetBSD machine on a public
IP for years with no issues... but that could have just been luck on my
part and I'm slowly moving away from that habit).

Thanks for any tips/hints you can give.


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