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Subject: Re: ASSP, SIMS, OS X
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 14:11:35 -0500
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At 1:15 PM -0400 6/14/06, chris wrote:

 I fully trust Bill's opinion and expertise...

<snerk!> There's your first mistake! ;-)

(and for Bill, what problems did you have in putting the two on the same
OS X machine, was it just an issue of not keeping up with volume, or were
there stability problems)

If I recall correctly (I set it up 2 years ago) I was having trouble with SIMS crashing in Classic - or maybe Classic crashing.  Either way, it was more a function of SIMS and Classic than of running it with ASSP on the same machine.

But if others have had a problem with doing this on one machine, or know
that a 233 MHz G3 with 256 MB of RAM is woefully underpowered... then I'd
like to hear that so I can save myself what will likely be a full day's
work to get this going only to find I can't successfully run it this way.

My current stats (can't remember if I sent these to you before):

ASSP 1.1.0 relaying to SIMS on separate machine (beige w/ 10.9.3, 400 mhz, 320 RAM):
currently averaging ~9000 incoming messages per day, 79.1% spam

ASSP 1.2.1(1) & Xmail on same machine (B&W w/ 10.3.9, 800mhz, 704RAM):
currently averaging ~3500 incoming messages per day, 78.3% spam

I probably need to throw some more RAM at the first one as it's starting to bog down a little.  ASSP is fairly RAM intensive during the spamdb rebuild process, so the more the merrier.

So, anyone else out there running ASSP and SIMS on OS X together? If not,
how many people are running SIMS on OS X, and how stable is it? (I have
regular Classic crashes on my home machine, so although this setup has
been stable for just shy of two weeks, I am still a little nervous that
it won't stay stable).

And for those that are running ASSP on a 2nd machine, what are your basic
machine specs and what kind of mail volume do you have, so I can get an
idea if I'm going to be underpowered or not (counting spam, I push
probably about 3000 messages a day in and out between about a dozen
domains... discounting spam, probably about 1/2 of that)

As a precaution, I'd suggest changing the name of the SIMS machine if you keep them separate.  Right now, ours is still named and though it's not in our DNS MX records we find some spam still leaking in through that server without first having gone through the ASSP server. For various reasons we haven't yet changed it to some other less obvious name.

Bill Christensen

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