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Sujet: Re: ASSP
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 18:13:48 -0400
A: SIMS Discussions <>
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>Really?!?  That's what I have been wanting to do for a long time and  
>it is always is shot down by this list (what's left of it).  I really  
>need my boxes to run X but I have kept 1 on 9 for SIMS.
>Maybe now is the time to try it.

Knock on wood, mine has been stable for just shy of two weeks.

I do know one of the tricks to Classic being stable is to run no more of
the OS than you have to. So I stripped 9.2.2 down to the bare minimal to
run with network services. Also, a hint with Classic, tell OS X to never
sleep Classic. In the Classic system pref, one of the options is how long
to wait before sleeping classic when no classic apps are in use... slide
that to Never. First, OS X doesn't do a good job of knowing when a
Classic app is "in use" and often tries to sleep Classic while it is
still in use (causing either your Classic app to stop or crash), and 2:
Classic does a horrible job of waking back up from that sleep state,
particularly when network services are in question.

Also, if you have a choice, run OS 10.4 (or 10.4 Server). Classic became
more stable with age. Ironically, Apple was probably one more Classic
version away from having it perfect, and now they have killed it off
entirely (I tend to doubt it will be in 10.5 at all being that it isn't
supported on Intel Macs)

For my setup, I told Classic to start when the user logs in, and then I
just put a shortcut to SIMS in the OS 9's System Folder's Startup Items.
I also have a user account set to log in automatically, so as soon as the
machine finishes booting, that user is logged in (and Classic is then
started, which in turn starts SIMS).

Depending on where your box is and what level of security you care about,
you may want to set the screen saver to activate after a short period of
time and require a password to deactivate it. I haven't bothered with
this step as my server is located in a locked room and the only people
that have a key will also have the password to the server (and anyone
breaking down the door isn't going to be bothered by a screen saver
keeping them off the machine).

I'll keep the list posted on how well it continues to perform. My guess
is, I won't be running it this way long term, as I may move to XMail or
similar... but then, I've been planning for over a year to do such a
transition, and it is always hard to justify spending the time fixing
something that isn't broken. If it wasn't for my spam level being out of
control, I'd still not have gotten around to making any changes at all
and SIMS would still be running happily on my Performa 630.


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