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Sujet: Re: ASSP
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 16:29:03 -0400
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>I prefer the ECM alternative as well, but it should also be noted that the
>OP said he's setting up SIMS on a machine running Tiger Server, which
>already has Postfix/Cyrus/SquirrelMail/Mailman built in and integrated into
>the Server Admin interface.

As the OP in this case, the reason I'm not going with OS X's built in
solution is because they don't have a nice front end to handing accounts
in any other way then making them system accounts. And that just doesn't
work for me. I have too many accounts coming and going (sometimes
accounts last no more than a few days as a project runs its course), and
I don't want to be making OS X user accounts each time.

SIMS just has a much nicer way of handling accounts, and multiple
domains, and handling things like unified domain accounts (since I host a
few domains for friends) and wildcard account naming.

I believe Postfix can be made to do everything I want, it just takes
knowing much more of it. That means spending more of my limited time
learning it.

It really boils down to a simple "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
situation. SIMS does what I want and how I want it. If it wasn't for the
spam, I'd have not rocked the boat at all.

To respond to Dave's comment:

>> Y'know, I don't want to be rude, but doesn't it seem that you're
>> doing an awful lot of work to hold on to a mail server that hasn't
>> been updated in years and runs on an operating system that has been
>> out of date since last millennium?

First: it isn't rude, I appreciate the input. Actually I REALLY
appreciate it as I don't think I knew of ECM before your post and from a
first glance, it looks good enough that I've added it to my "to review"

Second: There was no "work" involved really. I simply copied a pre-setup
copy I have of OS 9.2.2 for use in Classic, then downloaded the latest
PPC version of SIMS and copied my SIMS folder from my old mail server to
the new machine. The entire migration took maybe 10 minutes and my server
was back online running on OS X and Classic. (I discount the time to
setup the OS X Server as that would have been done regardless of sticking
with SIMS or moving to another product... that and it isn't fair to count
my OS X setup time because it wasn't a simple install... I had to build
the machine first, it is a Rev A bondi iMac gutted and turned into a 1u
rack server... you can see pics of the first one of several of these I've
done by going here: <>)

It really made more sense, even if this is just a temporary step, to
stick with SIMS then to try to migrate multiple domains and tons of email
accounts to a brand new system. Now I can just lay ASSP on top of SIMS on
the same machine and continue as things were, just with better spam

Granted there was a bit of work involved in getting ASSP going, but that
was still less work then a full migration. There was a nice walkthru
available for ASSP on OS X with SIMS. So it was really just following a
set of steps, I didn't have to really know what I was doing. For a
migration, I'd have to first learn about the new system, make sure it can
do what I need it to do and want it to do. Then figure out how to install
it (hopefully finding a good set of directions), then figure out how to
migrate, then figure out how to continue doing all the things I'm used to

Its actually significantly MORE work to migrate then to stick with SIMS.
That said, I still plan to migrate eventually, simply because I know that
anything I do with SIMS is just putting bandaids on the system.
Eventually I want to move to a more robust solution that can offer me all
the new bells and whistles.

But like I said above, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And since SIMS
really isn't broken per se, it becomes hard with my limited availability
of time, to justify the man hours it will take to make the transition.


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