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De: Stefan Jeglinski <>
Sujet: Re: ASSP
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 17:46:04 -0400
A: SIMS Discussions <>
 >I prefer the ECM alternative as well, but it should also be noted that the
OP said he's setting up SIMS on a machine running Tiger Server, which
already has Postfix/Cyrus/SquirrelMail/Mailman built in and integrated into
the Server Admin interface.

As the OP in this case, the reason I'm not going with OS X's built in
solution is because they don't have a nice front end to handing accounts
in any other way then making them system accounts. And that just doesn't
work for me. I have too many accounts coming and going (sometimes
accounts last no more than a few days as a project runs its course), and
I don't want to be making OS X user accounts each time.

Having been running in a Tiger Server environment for a while now, I'm not sure I would agree so much (and note, I had the same suspicion when I started).

OS9 of course is not a multi-user system, and so SIMS does what it has to do to create the semblance of such. And I agree, it is a nice setup, because of the web interface.

OSX is of course a multi-user system, but the WorkGroup Manager and Server Admin are a decent (or better) front end to the underlying daemons, as long as you are vanilla. Which you are if you are running SIMS. If your complaint is "a nice front end," I'm not sure that holds water. If your complaint is that OSX works with System accounts, well, yes, that's how it works. I can't really tell if your complaint is one, the other, or both.

Having said that, IIRC Postfix does not require system accounts, and the 3rd-party web-based Webmin is quite serviceable to administer Postfix.

There are other pros and cons of course, and I'm only just beginning to tackle the issue of implementing a SIMS-style router. Anyone one else out there doing this and want to share?

Stefan Jeglinski
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