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De: Bill Cole <>
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Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 13:51:07 -0400
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At 11:54 AM -0400 6/16/06, Stefan Jeglinski  imposed structure on a stream of electrons, yielding:
There are other pros and cons of course, and I'm only just beginning
to tackle the issue of implementing a SIMS-style router. Anyone one
else out there doing this and want to share?

Well, if you figure that one out, I'd love to know.

The functionality of the SIMS router is all there, and most of it is implemented through the virtual address framework.

Thanks for that tip. (he read read reads)

My idealized goal is for each user (who has a password-protected home directory on the Tiger Server box) to be able to have a text file (for example) that allows them to control their own virtual addresses by having Postfix parse that text file. Aside from obvious security concerns which would have to be addressed, is there any mechanism in Postfix to even do something like this?

Directly on its own? No.

However, I can think of ways one might go about implementing that. The most obvious one requiring the least new work would be SpamAssassin hooked in as a before-queue filter rigged to work with per-user config files. There's a reasonable chance that you are already planning to do that and there are cookbooks for it out there for SA, you just need to come up with a structure for the virtuals headed at each user would end up with some filterable pattern in them that users could understand for building rules.

One could also do something more carefully targeted like setting up an as-needed rebuild of the virtual map based on core system-wide pieces and per-user pieces gathered up from users' home directories. Security issues abound there, because you'd have to be validating the pieces to make sure that their scope is limited to the users' specific virtual space.
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