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????: SIMS on Classic Tiger (10.4)
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Ok, new question related to the ASSP thread (thus the new subject line).

Is anyone else able to run SIMS in Classic under 10.4 and get it to
respond to a local connection attempt?

It seems to work fine from the outside, but if you bring up a terminal
and telnet to port 25 on the same machine (ie:, you get no

I can reproduce this on three different OS X Tiger (10.4) machines.
Obviously, this is a show stopper for using ASSP and SIMS on the same
machine, as it prevents ASSP from connecting to SIMS locally.

I don't have a 10.3 or earlier machine handy to test so I don't know if
this is something introduced with 10.4, or if I'm just doing something
wrong. Thus why I'm asking here (maybe a kind soul with OS X and Classic
setup will try it on their machine and see if they can telnet to SIMS
locally or not)


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