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What is the best way to migrate user mail box files from SIMS to Postfix/Cyrus?

Get your users to retrieve and delete all their mail off the old server, then starting up the new one.

I had been planning on doing an easy migration between SIMS and Postfix, and contact everyone that doesn't check their mail often to tell them to collect it so I wouldn't have to worry about this. However, my luck just wasn't there. Today when I rebooted my OS X Server after installing the latest round of updates, OS X Server decided that Postfix should be running, no matter what I did to tell it otherwise. (The service was marked as not running, but it was still listening on Port 25 and collecting all mail and just holding it in a queue until I actually turned on the service).

So after several hours of fighting it and trying to shut it down (including killing the process, just to watch it start up again), I gave in and just turned it on. This of course forced me to shut down SIMS prematurely.

So I'm wondering if anyone has tackled any kind of conversion of the SIMS mail box files so I can dump them into Postfix (or more correctly Cyrus that is handling the POP access). I'm thinking I could just turn off POP support on OS X for a short time, start up SIMS, and then get people to download their email... thus putting me basically back to my original plan. But since those plans have already been screwed up, I figured I'd check and see if anyone had a less user intrusive way of doing it.

In principle you could convert the SIMS mailboxes to Cyrus format, but that's not likely to work well. You can find a script called unix2cyrus.sh in a post to the Postfix-Users at http://archives.neohapsis.com/archives/postfix/2004-04/0966.html but it would probably need adjustment to the fact that SIMS mailboxes use <CR> line breaks (or you'd have to convert them to <LF> breaks first...)

That script has an advantage over straight file conversion in that it breaks up the old mailbox into messages and feeds them into the 'deliver' program for delivery into Cyrus mailboxes, so you are really having your Cyrus mailboxes built by the same process that would happen if you were accepting those messages normally and delivering them. It also has the advantage of being able to bring up the new Postfix/Cyrus combination live and having it live while the old SIMS mailboxes are fed in. There is some risk that users who have been leaving their mail on the server intentionally might end up seeing the old messages as if they are new again, but that's pretty much unavoidable.

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