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Well... in the end I wasn't able to get the unix2cyrus script to do its magic. So I spent the day today contacting the users one by one that had mail waiting to be picked up. And while I had them on the phone, I turned cyrus' pop server, and started SIMS, waited for them to collect the mail, and then reversed it (quit SIMS and restarted cyrus' pop server).

So for anyone else looking to do such a migration, maybe you can get the unix2cyrus to work, if not, the manual method I did worked just fine, albeit it meant contacting all the users one at a time (thankfully, although there were many accounts affected, most of them belonged in lumps to users, so there were a manageable number of actual users to contact, each of them with several accounts they had to check)

So as of today, I'm officially off SIMS. I'm now running OS X Server 10.4.7's mail services which consist of postfix for SMTP, cyrus for POP and IMAP, SquirrleMail for webmail, ClamAV and SpamAssassin.

I didn't want to be running SpamAssassin, but I haven't had a chance to look into how to tweak the setup to run with ASSP instead. So I'm running SpamAssassin until I can figure that out, as it is better than no spam control. However, I've found that although very little of the email is being delivered marked as spam (I have it set to deliver all spam right now with a prepended subject), there is also very little spam appearing all together. But I have to go back and compare my old server accounts with my new ones. I know I dropped some accounts entirely (like postmaster and webmaster for the moment) and those missing ones may very well be where 99% of the spam was coming from (but I don't think so, as I know one of my big spam collecting addresses is this address that I use only for mailing lists, and lots was being delivered using ASSP, but little is appearing under SpamAssassin).

So in the end, despite all the hard work I put into getting ASSP running... I may end up staying with SpamAssassin anyway.


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