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From: chris <>
Subject: Re: migrate mail box files
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 13:43:32 -0400
To: SIMS Discussions <>
X-Mailer: Claris Emailer 2.0v3 p3, January 22, 1998
>What's your beef with SpamAssassin?

Nothing per se, but when I tested SpamAssassin "out of the box" versus
ASSP "out of the box" ASSP performed significantly better. In fact,
during my testing, SpamAssassin I think successfully stopped about 6
spams, out of probably 1000. In other words, during my initial testing,
it did pretty much nothing at all. But I have to be fair, that was 100%
"out of the box" testing with no training at all to fit my needs. I also
freely admit that the manner in which I did my testing may have caused a
chunk of its spam tests to be bypassed. I realized it back when I was
testing it that my setup may have been fooling it into thinking
everything was legit... but by the time I realized it, ASSP had also been
running for a week, and was performing fantastically. So I simply decided
to stick with ASSP and not bother running another, more correct, test
with SpamAssassin.

>- Enable Bayesian analysis and actively train the Bayes database.
>- Add appropriate custom rulesets from somewhere like
><> and keep them up to date (follow
>the RulesDuJour link at the top of the Rules Emporium page for a script
>that can update the SARE rulesets automagically).
>- Install and enable Razor and|or Pyzor.

If I'm going to use SpamAssassin, I'm going to use it because it is tied
in with OS X Server. That means I'd like to avoid having to get into
adding extras to it. If I have to start adding extras, then I risk OS X
Server screwing things up again on another update. Also, if I'm going to
get into managing additional filter services that aren't part of Apple's
bundle, then I might as well switch back to ASSP that I liked and had
pretty well trained for my uses.

Although, I do plan to learn more about SpamAssassin so I can train it to
be more specific for my setup (much as ASSP took a week of training to
get it really up to speed).

This has become one of those situations of, I've been forced onto it, so
I might as well give it a longer, better, shake down before deciding if I
really want to go back to ASSP. I'm now giving SpamAssassin the "fair"
test it should have gotten back when I first tested it. After I run with
it for a while, and do what I can to train it, I'll be in a better
position to decide if I want to keep it or not. (And I'll be able to
properly back up my desire to go with ASSP if that is the way it falls).

>If you're not accepting mail for postmaster, then you're not compliant with
>the relevant RFCs.

Dropping the postmaster address wasn't planned, nor was it permanent. It
was a side effect of the PITA OS X Server forcing me to migrate to its
mail services about a month before I planned to. So I simply didn't have
all the accounts setup in time. When I was playing beat the clock with
switching things over, my priority was mail accounts that get real mail.
So several accounts were left behind that get nothing but spam or similar

As of last night, almost all those accounts are back up, including


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