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On Aug 11, 2006, at 8:12 PM, Stefan Jeglinski wrote:

This OP would get massacred with a question like that :-)

Question? What question? I don't recall asking one, unless you are going all the way back to the beginning when I asked for suggestions on converting the SIMS mailbox to Cyrus. If I would get massacred for asking that, then please do suggest a better list to inquire about topics specific to the SIMS mailbox files.

Outside of that question, I recall giving a follow up to Bill's tip about Unix2Cyrus saying that I was unable to get it to do anything for me, and that I ultimately solved my problem the old fashioned way... asking each user in turn to download their mail while I had the correct POP server running. And that post was more for the sake of the archives in the event that someone else runs into the same issue.

Beyond that, I had a brief talk about why I picked ASSP over SpamAssassin at the time that I did (and how I plan to give SpamAssassin a more fare test this time around before I remake my decision).

And from there I basically got accused by David that I must be a pimply faced newbie and that it isn't at all possible for some fluke screw up to occur and OS X Server start its Mail services and not report them as started or offer me a way to stop it thru Apple's own front end for such. And how dare I migrate from NetBSD to OS X and not know that OS X doesn't launch these kinds of services from /etc/init.d as NetBSD did, I mean any schmuck would know where Apple tucked away the stuff that I'd should be manually removing in order to force the mail services to stop, because any schmuck should know that Apple's Server Admin might be confused about what services are really running thus requiring you to use the terminal to get things done.

Dang newbie's and their operator errors!



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