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On Aug 11, 2006, at 11:14 PM, cb wrote:

 If I would get massacred for asking that, then please do suggest a better list to inquire about topics specific to the SIMS mailbox files.

There's plenty of great people on the list I mentioned. There are also one or two curmudgeons, about par for the the course for any super active mailing list.
It's a great resource and I stand by my recommendation to join it.

And from there I basically got accused by David that I must be a pimply faced newbie and that it isn't at all possible for some fluke screw up to occur and OS X Server start its Mail services and not report them as started or offer me a way to stop it thru Apple's own front end for such.

I said OE, I didn't accuse you of being anything. I cause all sorts of things to go wrong while I'm learning new aspects of my systems, that's OE. It doesn't mean that I'm incompetent, nor I suspect are you.

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