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????: Re: migrate mail box files
????: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 06:18:16 -0700
????: <SIMS>
> And from there I basically got accused by David that I must be a
> pimply faced newbie and that it isn't at all possible for some fluke
> screw up to occur and OS X Server start its Mail services and not
> report them as started or offer me a way to stop it thru Apple's own
> front end for such.

I remember when this bit me on a client's machine, but only on the loopback
address. Unfortunately, he was running some ridiculous server that screamed
and died if it didn't own TCP/25 on EVERY interface, so it took a bit to
sort it out. The command you needed was launchctl, which is no use to you at
this point but may help the next guy who's Googling for WTF just bit him in
the rear.  :^)

But yeah-- I need to see if Leopard still does that, and if so file a bug
report. Thanks for reminding me.
Dave Pooser

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