Liste de diffusion Message #15299
De: Harlley Sathler <>
Sujet: Re: Communigator
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 20:33:21 -0300
A: <>
>Yes, use the web interface. Also, make sure you're using >the latest
>version marked as a beta. It's available on Stalker's ftp >site, it doesn't
>have a front facing link on the website.
>Wow, it's some kind of testament to SIMS that it's still >getting new users.

Hi! Thank you very much for the answer! Well, I´m using the version 1.8b9, that I downloaded from FTP. And, oh, the SIMS is a great great software! Before-it I used EIMS, but now, just SIMS on my Mac!

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