Liste de diffusion Message #15304
De: Stefan Jeglinski <>
Sujet: Windows Eudora drops connection
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 14:49:44 -0400
A: SIMS Discussions <>
I've still got a legacy SIMS install running, last beta. last problem I had with it was literally years ago.

I have a new client running Eudora Windows 7.01, and she can send and receive e-mails just fine. But if she tries to send an attachment, even a small one, SIMS reports an Abort received, reason=54. On her end, Eudora reports "error writing to network. Cause: connection reset by remote side (10054)." Then, ever after, she can send no e-mails at all, with or without attachments. POP still works.

Looking at the logs, all looks normal until the Abort. There is only 3 sec from the opening connection to the abort, so this is not about time-outs I would think. If I duplicate her account on an identical Windows Eudora setup locally here, it all works fine, indicating that whatever is happening is a result of her coming in from Texas (to me in NC) from the sbcglobal network (her ISP) to my tiem warner network.

I doubt there is a real solution here - just wondering if anyone has run across this with Eudora for Windows... I'm not sure I've ever run a Windows Eudora client with SIMS. Log snippet included below.

Stefan Jeglinski

14:20:14 4 SMTP(tcp) Connection request from [],seq=7, 7/8
14:20:14 4 SMTP Line 10 created for answering
14:20:14 4 SMTP-010() Got connection from []
14:20:14 4 SMTP(tcp) Connection accepted from [], seq=7, 7/8
14:20:14 4 SMTP-010([]) Sending Stalker Internet Mail Server V.1.8b9d14 is ready.\r\n220 ESMTP is spoken here. You are very welcome\r\n
14:20:14 4 SMTP-010([]) Input Line: EHLO\r
14:20:14 4 SMTP-010( Looking for
14:20:14 3 SMTP-010( Failed to verify. Real address is []
14:20:14 4 SMTP-010( Sending cannot verify\r\n250-HELP\r\n250-ETRN\r\n250-AUTH=LOGIN\r\n250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN CRAM-MD5\r\n250 EHLO\r\n
14:20:14 4 SMTP-010([]) Input Line: AUTH CRAM-MD5\r
14:20:14 4 SMTP-010([]) Sending challenge string
14:20:14 4 SMTP-010([]) Sending 334 PDEwLjBAbXguNHBpLmNvbT4=\r\n
14:20:14 4 SMTP-010([]) Input Line: d2VuZGlzIDQ5MGU5ZjZjNzJhNzZmYzNmN2I3MjdlM2VjMjA1MmY1\r
14:20:14 4 SMTP-010([]) Got username: {wendis}
14:20:14 4 SMTP {wendis} authenticated
14:20:14 4 SMTP-010([]) Sending 235 authenticated\r\n
14:20:15 4 SMTP-010([]) Input Line: RSET\r
14:20:15 4 SMTP-010([]) Sending 250 SMTP state reset\r\n
14:20:15 4 SMTP-010([]) Input Line: MAIL FROM:<>\r
14:20:15 4 SMTP-010([]) Sending 250 <> sender accepted\r\n
14:20:15 4 SMTP-010([]) Input Line: RCPT TO:<>\r
14:20:15 4 SMTP-010([]) Sending 250 <> recipient accepted\r\n
14:20:15 4 SMTP-010([]) Input Line: DATA\r
14:20:15 4 SMTP-010([]) Sending 354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself\r\n
14:20:17 3 SMTP-010([]) Abort Received, reason=54
14:20:17 3 SMTP-010([]) {S.0001095657} reading failed. Error Code=-25010
14:20:17 4 SMTP disposing line 10
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