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????: Re: Windows Eudora drops connection
????: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 15:11:52 -0400
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I am running Eudora Windows 7.1b4 and connecting to my SIMS box without any problems.  Is she running something like MacAfee Enterprise Anti-Virus with a "no outbound attachments" firewall setting?

She -is- running MacAfee but it's whatever personal edition came with the computer. We already had to go through the procedure to turn off the blocking of e-mail going out, but I don't know if there is a separate setting for the attachments. Would McAfee work in such a way that it allowed the entire connection to be made and then when the message itself is being sent, cut it off? Unfortunately I don't have a copy of MacAfee here I can install and try out to guide her - she's pretty clueless and it's been a nightmare so far.

Stefan Jeglinski
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