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Sujet: Re: Difference in message w/multiple recipients in SIMS vs. CGPro
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 14:30:31 -0500
A: SIMS Discussions <>
At 2:07 AM -0700 8/27/06, Joe Wagner wrote:
If an incoming email has multiple recipients that are all routed to that account, multiple individual emails are forwarded on to the CGPro server, one for each recipient. So the destination CGPro account receives multiple identical emails (identical except for the differing lines which record the forwarding in each header).  This is handy because the recipient then is given a heads up that the sender has sent the email to more than one of their addresses.  The puzzle is that if the email with multiple recipients is sent directly to the CGPro machine destined via wildcards for only one account, only one email shows up in that account.

I suspect what's happening is that CGPro may be looking at the message ID.  If it's the same for all of them, it may have the smarts to recognize that it's the same email.

You'd probably get a more definitive answer on that on the CGPro list...

A second though off topic for this list question, can someone tell me how to get CGPro to put multiple copies of an email if its sent to multiple addresses that are routed, e.g. via wildcard, to a single account?

There are enough differences between SIMS and CGPro that you'd do best to ask this question on the CGPro list too, imho.

Bill Christensen

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